It’s not easy picking just a few customers to highlight after a 40 year run of providing 构建信封,过程 equipment, 设计, 工程, 制造, and installation solutions 无数的企业. It’s basically like choosing your favorite kid…each customer we’ve partnered with has a special place in our hearts and has ultimately taught us how to do our job better, more efficiently and elevate innovation for future customers. 2022世界杯投注官网选择了以下内容 Projects 有几个不同的原因:

  • 的 sheer scale of the of the floor coatings implemented
  • 的 ability and flexibility to overcome difficult environmental conditions
  • Proper utilization of materials used 为了保护 the structure from corrosive products

Without further ado, here are 2022世界杯投注官网’s three featured Projects!



宝马 Mega Plant in Mexico needed new floor coatings to assemble their legendary vehicles’ 未来的奢侈品. 的y chose Manchester group to implement a building envelope system in their massive, 100万平方英尺的装配厂. Once 设计 criteria was established and 宝马’s needs were documented, 2022世界杯投注官网 shifted focus to partner with architects who sketched out the plans, hired a General Contractor to manage the team and secured Subcontractors to execute the overall vision. 在那种规模的设施里, finesse and expertise was instrumental to complete the job and complete it well. This was one of our largest Projects to date and at one million sq ft, the flooring had to adhere to both quality and quantity standards. 


选择牛奶 Powder Facility in Texas required coating for their concrete floors to be 设计ed around a variety of challenging conditions. 的 Manchester team was tasked with finding floor coatings that could withstand heavy rolling loads, 热震并保持极度清洁. 选择牛奶 evaporates milk into dried milk products for protein powders and bars.  In order to create the best possible product for their clients, their trucks require rigorous sanitation procedures by blasting the trucks with water ranging between 200-250℉. In addition to the thermal shock necessary to adhere to code, the resin applied to the flooring had to allow the utmost safety of the employees to prevent slip and falls, especially in an environment that is often wet or damp. Not only did the 选择牛奶 project require a variety of different approaches 为了保护 their products and their people, the environmental controls were instrumental in choosing the right coating to create beautiful, clean flooring that promotes product performance.


德州骑警的家乡, 全球生活领域 Projects是一个本垒打. In the words of Juliana Hatfield, “Baseball is more than a game. 这就像在运动场上进行的生活.“2022世界杯投注官网非常同意朱莉安娜的观点. 这项工程还远未完成, there are a variety of different conditions to react to while installing a decorative flooring system that can withstand thousands of fans and the concessions they consume while cheering on their favorite MLB team. It’s not a widely known factoid that mustard and soda are some of the most corrosive American favorites and concrete’s kryptonite. 的 perfect floor coating system provides the protection needed to not only keep the concrete beneath it pristine, but also provides UV resistance to keep it radiant. 2022世界杯投注官网 设计ed the Globe Life flooring systems to maintain their color by using, 因为我找不到更好的词, 一个古怪的科学家过程. A combination of chemistry and 设计 features that gives the floor different color combinations, keeps them bright and wards off harmful sun rays like the “Good Vibes” sun visor in your car that protects your dash from cracking. 的se flooring systems allow for 20+ years of longevity, which far exceeds the windshield sun shade that you bought from Walmart.

的 building envelope systems that 2022世界杯投注官网 installed in all three Projects have one goal in common, 为了保护. 保护物理结构, protect the products inside the building and most importantly protect the people atop the flooring. 他们还碰巧长得非常好看. 而这三个Projects都是成功的, each had their individual minor failures and challenges which is what we use to fuel future project solutions. 当2022世界杯投注官网的总统, 史蒂夫•曼彻斯特经常提醒2022世界杯投注官网, “2022世界杯投注官网从不考虑自己的成功, 2022世界杯投注官网要为自己的失败负责.” Just 等待, we’ll spill a list of “failures” in a future blog.



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